here’s the real link. this should work for 7 days. http://s60.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0E1FAU2CMHDKI2L6BEE2ZZFGY1


so for the people who were involved in this video (savage/love) or anyone else, you can now download it from this link for the next 7 days.

so how is everyone? that’s good. i’ll put the camp adventure video on here too

so…my last week of school before christmas…blow off week (i don’t even know why they make us come, i guess they want the extra tax money)…we don have finals though…i only have one real one.

so who cares?

i’ve started every “stanza” with “so”


i thought this was cool

i can tell who’s looking at this thing


22 thoughts on “

  1. hey logan!!!  im gunna miss you while im gone…no more loganhugs (one word).  ill just have to get a really big one when i get back into town.  have an awesome time in montana!!!  and Merry Christmas!!

  2. LOGAN!!! So, I miss Lubbock a lot! Is that weird?? I’m so excited to be home, though. I am going to this fancy Christmas shindig with my parents tonight! Pretty stoked! Hope you’re havin fun in L-Town!

  3. Yeah, I’m not coming to the big Camp Adventure in March. I’m comin’ to the weekend one in Febuary, though. That’ll be cool. Rachel has said some pretty crazy things about you. All good, of course. Sorry about your first hamster. That was quite a story. Kinda gave me the jibblies, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t, check this link out:
    Watch the whole thing. And you have the weirdest music I’ve ever heard. Later.

  4. Hey there. bummer that youre still in school! Nice usage of the word stanza…we had a teachers aid in elemetary school who would say that when we were in like the 1st grade and no one knew what it meant.  YES! i successfully put logan on the outside of an inside joke! kudos to me! well hope you have good week at school lol Merry Christmas!
    Lots of Love, Stacie

  5. hey!  thanks for checking up on me today, you are really super awesome!!  and i love you tons!  you even cheered me up…you always have a way of doing that!!  well merry Christmas!!!

  6. Hey Gan, I’m having problem with that meter thing!! GRRR, i have an account or whatever but i cant figure out how to get it on my site… am I missing something important?  if there is no big red button that says “PUSH THIS” then I just dont understand things.
    Yah, im totally going to that site… but for now… I have 6 minutes before I have to be at work! THE INHUMANITY OF IT ALL!!!! NOOOOO … byes

  7. Thats a really cool video it must have been difficult to make i had to make a newscast for my 20th century history class and it didnt look nearly that good acually it looked really sorry… well ttyl logan


  8. wow, just got done watching the video. i really liked the swing set thing you did , when megan “killed” you , i liked it alot, didn you say that no one really knows who is saying the stuff? or was that another thing. anyway,  you and your group did really well

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