it half-snowed here yesterday


so i had to make a video for english over a play by sam shephard called “savage/love.”  i like it. the play and our video.

albanian sounds wierd.

i’m sorry if i haven’t commented on your sites, but, whatever.

i’ve been really busy and stressed these couple of weeks.

still excited about aim. i think the count might actually be 10 people from sunset in our class next year. 2 new people are “thinking about coming” (you know who you are).

i’ll put a link to the video later.



21 thoughts on “

  1. its all good man…just keep in mind that AIM will be equally if not more stressful to what you are experiencing right now 🙂  HAHA!  jk…anywho, ill keep ya in my prayers man, and i agree, Albania sounds weird.  France on the other hand…all i gots ta say is “Chickeh’ hea’!”

  2. hey!!!  i miss not seeing you as much…ill see you at power lunch this week though!!!  YAY FOR NOT HAVING TO WORK!!!!  you give really awesome hugs…and make me smile tons…tehehe…luv ya!!!!

  3. We forgive you Logan, I have been lazy too. I’ll comment on people but I don’t update my own place. Oh well, I will someday. ^_^ Hope this week has less stress for you. God Bless!
    oh yeah, do you know exactly how many days will AIM? we can start counting down… 

  4. awww poor dearie!! I hate stress >_< ((who doesn’t))
    I can’t wait till camp adventure next year cus yalls class is going to be fantabulous!! and It’ll rock the boat fo sho!!
    🙂 be good and stress free an all kay?

  5. LOGAN SMITH! You crazy man…..ummm…I’m really gonna miss seeing your smiling face for the next three weeks! So…umm…write me! And…ummm…..Siberia rocks the world! 🙂

  6. I dont think i’ve introduced myself; hello, Im Logan…Logan Smith… DOH….I mean….RaShawn Smith.
    So did you seriously buy a llama too or were you just pulling my leg? 

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