it is now 2006 and i have my first funny story of the year.

on my way back from my friend’s house i was pulling up to 50th and indiana and i saw this guy who was stumbling around. he had ripped pants and i could see his boxers and all down the back of his legs. he was obviously drunk. he came to the intersection and looked like he wanted to cross the street. when i tried to turn right, he tried to cross the street (he would have been jaywalking) so i stopped to let him pass, but he went back to the curb. ok. so i check for cars again and start to go, but he moves again, but i could stop this time. i got really close to him around my back tire and i scared him and he fell over. (i didn’t hit him) when i looked behind me, he stood up and was wandering around in the intersection; holding up traffic and confusing everyone.

the end.


well, i’m home. it’s nice seeing attractive people again.

i was the only person in montana without a beard, women included.

bunch of creepy liberal tree huggers.

it was nice being one of the most attractive people in a whole state; not used to that.

so how was everyone’s week?

good to hear.


umm… don’t see chronicles of narnia more than once. the bad acting becomes more prominent the second time.

i’m getting excited about our ski trip this week. i’m going to have to make tim let us eat at Storyville. that place has the best wood-fired pizzas i’ve ever had.

go aim!

umm… if you’ve followed this whole fragmented mess, congratulations.


you get a cookie.





well, i’m in Montana. there is a lot of snow. i’m happy. it doesn’t feel like christmas though.

we had our family christmas on wednesday.

we’re riding snowmobiles on tuesday…we’re gonna try tying sleds on the back. that could be fun.

well…marry christmas everyone.



here’s the real link. this should work for 7 days. http://s60.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0E1FAU2CMHDKI2L6BEE2ZZFGY1


so for the people who were involved in this video (savage/love) or anyone else, you can now download it from this link for the next 7 days.

so how is everyone? that’s good. i’ll put the camp adventure video on here too

so…my last week of school before christmas…blow off week (i don’t even know why they make us come, i guess they want the extra tax money)…we don have finals though…i only have one real one.

so who cares?

i’ve started every “stanza” with “so”


i thought this was cool

i can tell who’s looking at this thing


it half-snowed here yesterday


so i had to make a video for english over a play by sam shephard called “savage/love.”  i like it. the play and our video.

albanian sounds wierd.

i’m sorry if i haven’t commented on your sites, but, whatever.

i’ve been really busy and stressed these couple of weeks.

still excited about aim. i think the count might actually be 10 people from sunset in our class next year. 2 new people are “thinking about coming” (you know who you are).

i’ll put a link to the video later.


so all of the AIMers found out where they were going today. so this time next year, i’ll be finding out that i’m going to Albania. (cough) Syberia (cough).

i’m getting really excited, though.

AIM is like an episode of Full House. ok-only in the fact that everyone is huggable (nearlly)