AIM Class of 2006

here is the AIM class of ’06 as i know of so far. if you know of anyone else i have forgotten or don’t know about, tell me.

Keely– good girl, an encourager EDIT *fun to be around and gives good back scratches* 
Bryson– not quite an encourager, but you’re a great guy and i
love being around you. you know when to be serious
Donovan– also a great guy, i love hanging out with you too.
can’t wait till feb.
Brittney– best back rubs, but she’s more than that, of course
Candace– fun to be around, looking forward to hanging out more
Annie– also fun to be around, you always encourage and lift people up
Logan– stupid
Rashawn– i probably know you the best of all of the non-sunset people. you’re always fun to be around and to talk to. stay classy
Amber– sorry we didn’t get to hang out more this weekend, you’re great though
Micheal– i don’t know you yet, looking forward to it
Jonathan– well, you come from a good family
Kyle– haven’t met ya, you seem nice
Joey– hung out with this guy this weekend. he’s from hart, texas
Michael Horn–  you like that? hung out with him too, good kid
Elissa– you seem great, but i haven’t met you yet
Brandon Wyatt– cool guy, cool family. most of his siblings have been through AIM
Logan Hart– he seemed nice when i met him. thank you chrissy
Jared Thurne– umm… he’s friendly?- also from sunset

2 michaels, 2 logans hmm

yes, our newest addition is jared thurne… yeah… um… i guess you all get to meet him later.

if you didn’t know, the first seven people, and the last person are all from my church. yes we have a lot this year.

everyone thinks this is going to be a huge, great class. i’m excited.

well, see ya later



31 thoughts on “AIM Class of 2006

  1. im assuming the logan up there is you so here is an addition Logan Hart.  he is my friend form winslow arizona and he is officially enrolled in aim for this fall!!!!  YAY!!  lol

  2. thanks for putting me first logi!!
    but, am i not fun? do i not give good back rubs? ummm, could i complain anymore:)?
    lol, just kidding, but next time you complain of a bad back, you are so getting an ear full:)
    loveyou silly boy

  3. sooo i need to actually start filling out my stuff..but im soooo excited..maybe u can aid me on some of this paperwork..hehe… hang out time in the making..but im sooo incredibly anxious for fall to come! Our class is going to be so stellar..i had to use that word.
    love ya..bless <><

  4. Logan….you amazingly hilarious person…I forgive you! lol. Your site looks pretty sweet…i definitely love it! Umm….so you should tell about the class of ’05….ummmm, can you say Rachel McGee: the most amazing person ever! lol….jk love you!

  5. Don’t be skeered. Puhlease?P.S. Your new updated xanga look is amazing. AMAZING.Logan…you are wickedly cool.And not stupid….Shhh…Never speak about yourself in that way again.Or I will die.

  6. Man, woot! Awesome list, now…do the ppl I dont know have Xanga/E-mail/AOL/Yahoo/MSN IM/ or any other form of communication so i can meet them??
    Bryson–Donavan–Brittany–Candace–Joey–Mr.Horn (?)–Brandon–Logan Hart–Jared <—–I dont know them
    so AwWw, thanks Login, yah. I am pretty fun to be around eh? MWHAHA. Logan, i’m not going to repeat what half the xanga population has already told you about your self esteem and calling yourself dumb…I just shall not say whats already been said… Yah okay fine…YOU ROCK LOGAN! Hehe…wow this is random-ness…

  7. Hey man, I don’t like Xanga at all because of the general “messy” look it has to it, but the new format with your face everywhere looks awesome! Your creativeness inspires me to be more creative. I’m really looking forward to having you around all the time next year.See you around!-Brandon

  8. Hey there! I havent talked to you in a while, hope all is well! I love the new layout!! Sounds like your class so far is going to be pretty awesome!
    Lots of Luv, Stacie

  9. awwwww whoever goes with you and is in AIM 06 is gonna be B.L.E.S.S.E.D although they dont know what they are getting themselves into Your gorgeous and i am excited for you!!! Cos i know how great it is… And hey you better carry on the tradtition our guys did for us tonight!!! It was the sweetest… the world needs more AIM guys in 05 Class Definately have to do something over thanksgiving we should eat a whole pumpkin pie EACH… or *shhhh* maybe 5

  10. Glance into  the future
    ~*~AIM trips with the ’06 class: after 24 hours on the AIM bus, rashawn goes insane from tiredness and starts acting wierd “whats so good about it?? Wait…What? What are you talking about? Good night? Ofcourse it’s good! I mean, we dont say “good work” or “good 3 page paper” we say “good night” …wait…I guess we do say Good work but thats in a complelty different way…” and Logan only laughs and encourages it. Pillows and stale food is thrown at RaShawn and Logan and they are told to shut up ~*~
    This has be a glance into the future.

  11. Yea Logan… I dont know you very well either… wait, how can you know I come from a good family and not know me? I am a part of it man! LOL cant wait for next fall… ate proximo

  12. U rock dude!  U are such an amazing guy and you can tell by the people that surround you!  Can’t wait for next year with you…it will be a blast to watch you and the new class grow closer to the Lord!

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