so…i went on that adventure crew trip…good stuff…boiled frogs.

yeah we found 2 little frogs, so we boiled them in a wok with a little bit of lighter fluid that i didn’t know about. they caught fire after they died. one of them was kind of bent in a way that he could hang off of the top of a cup, so that’s what we did.

when the girls got back to the campground, there was a cute little (dead) frog staring at them from a cup. annie thought it was cute; she commented on how cute it was, then she asked what was wrong with its eyes, then it’s legs (apparently frog feet curl backwards when they catch fire). anyway, they figured out that they were dead. then me and annie disected the frog. good times.

we did do other things though…i just can’t remember what they were.

oh well, i hope everyone had a good weekend. love everyone.




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  1. cutting up frogs is fun!!  thats right i have cut up a frog…while camping…and i have also eaten forg legs!!  oh yeah…they were yummy…well thats off topic…im glad you had fun!!!

  2. in my defense, when i first saw it i was standing about 5 ft. away and didn’t really see the burnt off front legs and the glazed over eyes. not that i was really looking for them!!!!! anyway, i had a sneeking suspicion that ya’ll weren’t just gonna let it go. but i did have fun disecting and going to the haunted outhouse. well, c u at church tonight! in JC, aj

  3. Logan! That sounds like fun….weird, but fun! I’m so glad that i got to see you last night…you should feel honored, cuz like no one else knows i’m home yet. Me, jess, and lissa are pretty good at keeping secrets! So….if you ever have a juicy one, you know where to come! lol. Hope you have a GREAT day!!!

  4. sounds like you had some super duper fun times! frogs are oodles of fun to play with and their legs are not to shabby tasting lol anyway im glad that you had a good time! hope you have a GREAT weekend(especially if youre out for veterans day!)
    Lots of luv, Stacie

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