silly teenage girls (keely and amy) “you drive me crazy”



so i’m only doing this because this “tag” is not, unlike its close relatives, based on the superstitious fear of bad luck if i should not complete it. so hear goes.

I’ve been tagged.


Ground Rules: The First player of this “game” starts with the topic “5 weird habits of yourself”, and people who get tagged need to write a Xanga entry about their 5 weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t’ forget to leave a comment that says, “You are tagged” in their Xanga and tell them to read yours.


Weird Habits:

1. i like to “shunt” all superstitious chain letters (i’ve never had bad luck)

2. i sleep on the couch (a lot)

3. i don’t do homework. (i’ve started to change)

4. i only get cravings for pudding and apple sauce if i see them in the fridge

5. i run a methanphetamine lab on the east side of town on saturdays


i tagged: Keely, Rashawn, Chrissy, Rachel, and Ms. Coston herself



nothing has happened… i’m pretty sure i’m going to turn into a recluse this week. i’m excited though, because i’m going to have pineapple ham instead of turkey. i love ham, not a fan of turkey.

so what’s happening in your town?

Broncos(8-2) vs. Cowboys(7-3) for thanksgiving. rooting for broncos.



AIM Class of 2006

here is the AIM class of ’06 as i know of so far. if you know of anyone else i have forgotten or don’t know about, tell me.

Keely– good girl, an encourager EDIT *fun to be around and gives good back scratches* 
Bryson– not quite an encourager, but you’re a great guy and i
love being around you. you know when to be serious
Donovan– also a great guy, i love hanging out with you too.
can’t wait till feb.
Brittney– best back rubs, but she’s more than that, of course
Candace– fun to be around, looking forward to hanging out more
Annie– also fun to be around, you always encourage and lift people up
Logan– stupid
Rashawn– i probably know you the best of all of the non-sunset people. you’re always fun to be around and to talk to. stay classy
Amber– sorry we didn’t get to hang out more this weekend, you’re great though
Micheal– i don’t know you yet, looking forward to it
Jonathan– well, you come from a good family
Kyle– haven’t met ya, you seem nice
Joey– hung out with this guy this weekend. he’s from hart, texas
Michael Horn–  you like that? hung out with him too, good kid
Elissa– you seem great, but i haven’t met you yet
Brandon Wyatt– cool guy, cool family. most of his siblings have been through AIM
Logan Hart– he seemed nice when i met him. thank you chrissy
Jared Thurne– umm… he’s friendly?- also from sunset

2 michaels, 2 logans hmm

yes, our newest addition is jared thurne… yeah… um… i guess you all get to meet him later.

if you didn’t know, the first seven people, and the last person are all from my church. yes we have a lot this year.

everyone thinks this is going to be a huge, great class. i’m excited.

well, see ya later


so…i went on that adventure crew trip…good stuff…boiled frogs.

yeah we found 2 little frogs, so we boiled them in a wok with a little bit of lighter fluid that i didn’t know about. they caught fire after they died. one of them was kind of bent in a way that he could hang off of the top of a cup, so that’s what we did.

when the girls got back to the campground, there was a cute little (dead) frog staring at them from a cup. annie thought it was cute; she commented on how cute it was, then she asked what was wrong with its eyes, then it’s legs (apparently frog feet curl backwards when they catch fire). anyway, they figured out that they were dead. then me and annie disected the frog. good times.

we did do other things though…i just can’t remember what they were.

oh well, i hope everyone had a good weekend. love everyone.