here is what katie looks like now

that’s her scar and the rest of her belly is shaved. sad.

she’s really skinny now, that’s her ribline


thanks guys. i feel better. i was just having a bad day. and then i got lazy. oh well.

so my dog got an infection and now she has to have surgery and won’t have puppies. aw. (that was the nice version that excluded all of the gross terms, ask my mom for that version)

so i didn’t do anything today. i don’t care for dressing up. wait i did see saw 2. saw the movie, not see saw the playground ride.

i’m sort of getting tired of the wierd music, so i’ll have more real music and less wierd music.




12 thoughts on “

  1. katie will be ok i hope…..shes a good dog…..anyway saw was disturbing….o crap….. SAW WAS…..thats like…..a pun or something

  2. Im back, and I have to say, you need to re-think the whole postage of nasty puppy surgery pictures. RaShawns sitting here eating her lunch and she’s about to bite into a carrot when,BAM, there’s the underbelly of a sewn up dog…not right…
    So hey, what is EPIC going to be about next year? (camp adventure)  btb, nice music

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