i’ve always silently struggled with low self asteem.

it makes me paranoid and i worry about wierd things like-sometimes i think the aimers only let me hang around them because they think they have to- and even wierder things like-JP hasn’t really commented in a couple of months- why does that bother me? i don’t know.

i never believe people when they tell me what they think of my videos and i can’t tell what they think of them.

wow, that sounds really depressing, i guess i need to work on that. so could ya’ll please pray for me?

anyway, how was your day? i’ve been really tired lately (stupid Chang and Eng). i’m finally all caught up in school- took my last test yesterday.

but i am really excited about aim.

so have a nice day. good night.

this is frank sinatra selling evil ice cream to children


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  1. I’m fine…it was just a minor fender bender.  Everyone involved is okay, and there was minimal damage on the cars.  It scared me more than anything else.  Thanks for checking up on me though.  You’re a great guy and don’t let what anyone say make you tihnk otherwise.
    xx Kalyssa xx

  2. Logan~ First of all, your movies are always amazing….especially the most recent “badger-hunting” flick…your editing definitely made the movie! And you are just awesome. period. Come hang out with me and Lissa; we think you are hilarious!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love ya…Rach McG    But, i’m praying for you!

  3. i never get to see your movies sooooo………umm….yeah! and i think everyone has the self esteem problem for reals! i have it i know you have it so at least you aren’t all alone. i don’t believe half the time that the people i hang out with actually want me there. my past boyfriend, i didn’t think he really liked me but just want to date me to try and get some i guess is the wording for it. i don’t know but i wouldn’t worry too much about it just pray about it

  4. I heard you edited the movie I was in. I was the Polar Bear. Thank you for wishing me a Happy Birthday though, I didn’t expect that from you (b/c I don’t see you very often). I’m glad you went on the Paducah trip w/ us, good times. Rachel is right you are ha-la-ri-ous! I’ll be praying. Oh yeah, can you pray for me too? I don’t have very much support. Love you, bro!

  5. i have low self esteem too!actually, i just said something about that today on my xanga. we’re probably sharing brain waves. i hear it’s a common thing. i’ll be prayin for ya logan sir.
    plus.. you have no reason to have low self esteem silly goose! you’re amazing!

  6. hey logan
    your videos are very funny, and the aimers love you , not because of your dad or anything.
    i’m sorry you have that idea, but you really are a great guy, and you are going to be a wonderful AIMer!

  7. You know what, yes Logan, you’re the only one that suffers from self esteem problems Pshh, i guess your just a weirdo. And yah, I think the  AIMers hate your guts….you know…every class that has ever gone thru and known you. That all hated you. umm…Josh is a haas and dosent like you any more and your videos…totally middle school meets napolean dynomite qaulity (sp?)
    …….wait for it……wait for it….. WHAT EVER! ( there it is) Logan, you rock! low self esteem is something everyone deals with, and you are like so awesome in dealing with it! I would have never guessed because you’re so out going and always seem like you dont care. Do you remember that time at camp adventure like 2 years ago when some AIMers and Camp Adventurers ( me included) were messing around doing hand stands, back bends, balancing tricks and junk? and then you were like “yah, yah, watch this” and you like got on your hands and did a little hop thing and that was it? LOL I still laugh about that, you’re probably one of the awesomest persons I know! Just because you go about life as if you dont care about ppl think, and thats great. I’ll be praying for the level to raise a little tho. Pray for me as well, I dont think I have all my ducks in a line spiritually to be an AIMer, and it’s gonna take alot of humbleing to get set straight, so i’ll pray for you, you pray for me and it’ll be cool.
    My day: putting together a list of clients and thier addresses. It took about 5 hours of my day. Fun stuff!

  8. Looooogan….don’t think these things. I think you are such a cool cat….I mean, you just sort of show up sometimes in mid conversation…and you say the wittiest things. And I am always like….”that Logan.” You make me smile. I secretly wish you were in our AIM class…because then, I would laugh all the time…at your witty comments. And then…I could have you do that Peanuts dance….ALL the time. That would pretty much amazing.As for your videos….I am an amateur at video making. I got some equipment…but not enough skills. And so…when I see your stuff…I am like….Logan is AMAZING! I want to be like Logan when I grow up. And while there is a hint of humor in my words here…I honestly mean it….you are a really cool person.Keep your chin up yo….~Amanda

  9. so… Logan…oh… Logan… where do I start? First of all, I love you to death. I’m telling you I’m gonna marry you whether you like it or not. ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with whichever one of these millions of comments that everyone struggles with low self-esteem.. I do. sometimes it really gets me down.. like last night… it really had me bummed out, but I got through it. seeing you was really encouraging actually. oh and by the way, i am definintely the jealous type and im very jealous bc you haven’t come over to hang out with me and rach. so that makes me sad and doesn’t exactly help the whole esteem issue.lol. nah, seriously, I miss you! Im praying for ya.
    Loveya Alissa

  10. Hey man, you rock. Don’t think that we hang around you when we have to. I loved having you on the Paducah trip. I wish all of you guys that are gonna be in next years class were with us this year. It would be really fun. But man, just know that I felt the same way around this time of year. Football was ending and then all I did was wait for AIM to start and it didn’t come fast enough. Man, just hang in there and I would really encouarge you and everyone else that is gonna be here next year to start digging in the word and getting a good prayer life going. Believe me when you get here you will wanna have been grounded in that because it is hard to just start it up when you get here. I am on that track now, but for a while I was struggling. Start growing closer to God now. I promise you will never regret it. And dude about the videos: THEY ARE AWESOME! I know you have heard that a lot, but we all speak the truth. Love you man. Keep rockin’ for God.
    Your Brother in Christ Jesus,

  11. From everyone’s comments… it makes me terribly sad I don’t know you better. You know what? (and I didn’t even need all these comments to feel this way) I can’t WAIT to get to know you. AIM is going to be such an experience! Truly!! Yay for catching up in school.
    My day was quite delightful. We are cleaning/cooking and getting ready to pack up to leave and spend about a month in the U.S. I am excited, and sad to have to be gone so long. At least I will get to see you guys! Have an awesome week, and God Bless.

  12. hey, sorry that your struggling with self esteem. your a really awesome kid who has done some really cool stuff!! i hope everything is going well. things are looking up about mexico!! hope to talk to ya soon. tootles
    rachel holler

  13. Logan wow! I can’t believe you don’t believe that people like your videos. Personally, yours and Brandons videos are the best homemade videos I’ve ever seen and I’m sure everyone would agree. I love it when you make videos cause I know you love it and you’re really good at it.
    I want to tell you something. I love you so much Logan. I’m realy sorry that our “siblingship” hasn’t been the greatest and that I haven’t been the greatest sister. I really do want to try to change this because a year from now, you’ll be in AIM and you won’t have much time before you leave for those 2 years. I dont want it to turn into what Josh and Matt are going through. I’m so glad that I have you for a brother and I would not trade you for anything. I already miss you and I can’t imagine what its going to be like living by myself after this year.
    Anyways, I love you and I will most definitely be praying for you.
    ~*Amy Jo*~

  14. I love you comment on top.  Too funny.  I agree with all these wonderful friends that you have that you are experiencing normal emotions and you should be thankful for all the support that you enjoy.  We all love you, Logan.  God Bless You!!  ~Marie

  15. Hey Logan,
     I hope things start looking up! I think that you are GREAT and I only just met you! If the videos you guys showed at Lone Oak were yours then i think that your video making skills rock!! Glad youre all caught up on your school work, I hate doing makeup work. I’ll definatly be praying for you!
    Lots of Luv, Stacie

  16. aww thanks logan..but i have that same problem..i dont really think my poems are that good yet…they’re ok..but i struggle with that as well..even though ur videos=amazing..i guess we just need to pray for each other!…but yah im wayyyy excited for AIM!!! yay!

  17. my goodness, does logan feel the love???
    yes he do
    i thnk my mom might buy the x-box for tay’s christmas, but i’m not sure
    love you and smile logi

  18. wow, after all these comments you can’t still be doubting yourself, can you?? i love you sooooooooooooo much Logan!!! and yeah, like everyone else i struggle with self-esteem too…..i will definetely pray for you and……sincerely, your videos are truly amazing and inspiring. you’re soooo good at it and i can tell you like making them too. hopefully after all this u can c we all love you and your videos. we really care logan. so, have the bestest week ever!!!! c u sunday. in JC, annie j.

  19. Hey, I will pray for you on one condition…You pray for me too. I used to move around alot and I always had trouble keeping friends because I was moving and even if I made a few friends before I moved again, I would be the odd man out I wouldn’t have much to say because I wouldn’t know what they were talking about. Or who they were talking about and I would be alone by myself alot. And now that I am not moving anymore, the feeling stays the same excpet none of it’s true anymore, But I still alienate myself from my friends because I feel like they are the same way my old friends were and I feel terrible and I get all spaced out and stuff. But one thing that has helped me lately was know that no matter what people think of me, whether they think I am cool or make good videos or do cool things, I love Jesus he loves me, and I am going to serve him for all of my days. And he will take care of me, so it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I wish I knew the verse for this, I can’t remember and don’t want to guess. But anyway: “If Christ is for us, who can be against us?” And that gets me from day to day. Logan you are a great guy and God is shining through you and using you. Keep up the good work. God Bless.
                                    ~Darin~ (AIM 2007)

  20. ahh…looky logan people really love you!  And like everyone else has said everyone deals with self esteem problems, I know I do!  Our problem is that we try to hide it instead of being open about it and hearing how much people really do love us!  I just want to let you know that I love you and I think that you are one of the coolest and most sweet people in the whole world!!!!!!!   (And don’t worry I would never lie to you) You really encouraged me on the Mexico mission trip and I know that you influence other people every day!  Your videos are so awesome someday you will be super famous and you can promote AIM  and then everyone will want to go..:)  Anyway, back to the point I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    luv ya tuns, Sara

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