well, i’m still in kentucky. things are going googe.

i’m liking it. getting to know the aimers. i’ll write more and put wierd music on later when i have my own computer.

i dressed up like a woman for a beauty pageant. much fun.

so how is everyone? enjoying school? i’m not going to enjoy the makeup hoe-work.

peace out



11 thoughts on “

  1. makeup hoe-work?  lol…things are going better…me and sara freaked out for you sunday mornging…it was wierd not haveing you there…see you when you get back!

  2. LOGAN!!!!! Come back to Lubbock! I need to get a Blue Haven video from you. Oh and we miss you so much.  Sunday was strange without you. You need to train someone to run the powerpoint so that when you go to AIM the Powerhouse will not fall into utter chaos.

  3. hey.. it was nice to meet you. you dressing up as a women i  must say was hilarious. i’ll be praying for all the AIMers and all. i’ll ttyl
    rachel holler

  4. hey!!! miss you !
    now, about this dressing up like a woman, dont forget, you have an extensive history of that, so no one be fooled, its not hist first time:)
    katie misses you , and we do too! be safe, dont get kicked by any hilly billies!

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