i’m leaving for paducah, ky in 12 hours (quick decision)

i’ll be gone until next sunday. yay for missing school.

so if you don’t see me and freak out, just remember: “He went to kentucky! Oh yeah!

i’ll miss you guys. unless i regularly don’t see you anyway. ok


well i like hanging out with seniors.

i got my Chrissymassage. yes one word.

transporter 2 was worthless. i liked the first one, but the second was a big dissapointment.

i like being a senior. it’s refreshing. too bad it’s only a year.

still trying to sell more bluehaven dvd’s.

i can’t wait till aim.



pink panther


14 thoughts on “

  1. yay for senoirdom and for AIM
    and no, we were’nt in the nude, silly goose
    ps, did your grandpa really shoot someone? that is kinda cool, kinda sad?

  2. hey!!!  i like how its one word…lol…last night was awesome…i love hanging out with you guys…oh and you give really good hugs!!!

  3. Have fun in kentucky!  I’ll be sure to miss you and freak out and then tell myself  “He went to kentucky! Oh yeah!”  even though I don’t see you on a regular basis!
    I love you tons, Sara

  4. hey!!  have fun in paducah!!  i will miss you and freak out way to much and then remember and remind my self “oh yeah logan went out of town…he’ll be back next sunday and i can get a really super awesome loganhug(one word) then”  lol…luv ya!

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