here is what katie looks like now

that’s her scar and the rest of her belly is shaved. sad.

she’s really skinny now, that’s her ribline


thanks guys. i feel better. i was just having a bad day. and then i got lazy. oh well.

so my dog got an infection and now she has to have surgery and won’t have puppies. aw. (that was the nice version that excluded all of the gross terms, ask my mom for that version)

so i didn’t do anything today. i don’t care for dressing up. wait i did see saw 2. saw the movie, not see saw the playground ride.

i’m sort of getting tired of the wierd music, so i’ll have more real music and less wierd music.




i’ve always silently struggled with low self asteem.

it makes me paranoid and i worry about wierd things like-sometimes i think the aimers only let me hang around them because they think they have to- and even wierder things like-JP hasn’t really commented in a couple of months- why does that bother me? i don’t know.

i never believe people when they tell me what they think of my videos and i can’t tell what they think of them.

wow, that sounds really depressing, i guess i need to work on that. so could ya’ll please pray for me?

anyway, how was your day? i’ve been really tired lately (stupid Chang and Eng). i’m finally all caught up in school- took my last test yesterday.

but i am really excited about aim.

so have a nice day. good night.

this is frank sinatra selling evil ice cream to children


Yeah, i hate chain letters, so as a forewarning (sorry eric, this is late for you) if you send me a chain letter, i will send it back to you as many times as asked in the chain letter. there is no animosity toward the sender, just the letter itself. so everyone check out eric’s xanga in my comment section

tee hee


so i think i’ll update. actually, rashawn thinks i’ll update. (that wasn’t your shoutout, don’t worry)

so i made a video for Veronica for aim and she made me some chicken fried steak. after dinner, we played the flour game. a very interesting game i might add, but i can’t tell you about it. it turned into a flour fight; got pretty messy. if you know veronica, ask her what she thought i said a dinner, it’s pretty funny.

it’s the weekend. yay.

so tell me about your lives.

this song is edgar allen poe’s “the raven” you can look it up.

so…rashawn…how’s it going?

if anyone doesn’t know, rashawn’s the coolest. yay rashawn

love everyone



please pray for me guys.

i haven’t been as happy as i usually am. i’ve pretty much constantly been on the verge of crying ever since i left harding.

i guess a small part of it is stress as i look at the 100 pages of change and eng that i have to read by tomorrow morning. but i’m not going to worry about that because in the long run, how important is one test really in the scheme of things? it won’t save someone’s life, it won’t make anyone a better person, and it won’t bring anyone to God. what will i accomplish with this one test?

but i think the other part of it is a delayed state of culture shock. i’ve really been missing slovakia and the whole missionary atmosphere that i experienced in slovakia and the workshop at harding really made me miss all of that stuff. it made me think that for most of my life, i’ve been a missionary kid but i wouldn’t know where to start in a bible study with someone who wanted to know Jesus. that’s where aim comes in. i can’t wait till aim. man. that will be so awesome. i’ve seen how it changes people’s lives an i’ve seen the products of aim such as matus from slovakia. our class is going to be awesome. so until then, high school is just a thorn in my side.

i’m also gonna start stepping up in the youth group more, i hate how dead EVERYONE is. at least we have enthusiastic seniors who like organizing guys retreats and stuff. yep, i’ll probably have a sophmore run the screens, and hopefully lead singing more.

sorry, i had to get that off my chest. love ya.


well, the trip was amazing.

i can’t wait until AIM now. i’m so excited. i had to reevaluate why i was going to AIM- not that i was going for the wrong reasons, but i have some new ones.

got to hang out with all the aimers. they’re all cool.
pretty much amazing.

we went to the coolest haunted house ever and alissa and elisha were really scared. it was funny.

went to harding for the world missions workshop and saw a lot of missionaries that i hadn’t seen in forever. i saw a guy named matus from slovakia that our first aim team studied with. now he’s a missionary with his wife in czech republic. that’s exciting.

so yeah, that’s what’s on my mind. so i love everyone.

oh yeah, yes only girls comment; i can’t help it.


well, i’m still in kentucky. things are going googe.

i’m liking it. getting to know the aimers. i’ll write more and put wierd music on later when i have my own computer.

i dressed up like a woman for a beauty pageant. much fun.

so how is everyone? enjoying school? i’m not going to enjoy the makeup hoe-work.

peace out



i’m leaving for paducah, ky in 12 hours (quick decision)

i’ll be gone until next sunday. yay for missing school.

so if you don’t see me and freak out, just remember: “He went to kentucky! Oh yeah!

i’ll miss you guys. unless i regularly don’t see you anyway. ok


well i like hanging out with seniors.

i got my Chrissymassage. yes one word.

transporter 2 was worthless. i liked the first one, but the second was a big dissapointment.

i like being a senior. it’s refreshing. too bad it’s only a year.

still trying to sell more bluehaven dvd’s.

i can’t wait till aim.



pink panther