i’m excited.

you guys know i love Steven Spielberg, right? i do.

he’s filming a movie called Munich right now. it’s about the 1972 terrorist killings of the isreali olympians at the olympics. that should be really good. it’s supposed to come out this year.

he’s in pre-production of a movie about Abraham Lincoln starring Liam Neeson. that will be wierd. he doesn’t seem like a lincoln.

and he and George Lucas have approved a script for Indiana Jones 4 with Harrison Ford still. it probably won’t be good story-wise, but i love steven spielberg anyway. besides, he’s not writing it.

He’s producing some movies too: Jurassic park 4(not too excited about) a movie about the people that raised the flag at iwo jima-directed by Clint Eastwood, and The Talisman (thought you could appreciate that one, Josh).

my dog is in heat, and we’re going to breed her. i love her puppies. i likes me some puppies.


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  1. they are ruining movies!!!  they need to stop trying to continue these stories!!!  i really hope they dont ruin indiana jones…they already did that to jurassic park…oh well…glad you came tonight!! and i cant wait till next sunday!

  2. Hey Logan, i know it’s sad but i haven’t been on xanga in like ten days. so i left you a comment on your previous intry too! ha ha ha Logan, you are the next Steven Spielburg! c u wed.  God Bless!  in JC, aj

  3. hey logi bear!
    i hope steven does good on these upcoming movies, there has been a good-movie-drout lately
    love ya you lil booger:)

  4. Thanks for joining the party Sunday night. You were your ususal hilarious self. Someday you need to have your own variety show. Keep smiling……BTW,  Jay’s sinus membranes are healing nicely, thank you.

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