I just found out that my twin is getting married.

my twin is a girl that i grew up with that was born 2 hours after me, but her parents went ahead and put her in school on time, so she just graduated, she’s going to college, and now she’s getting married.

i don’t know how to react. i’m actually quite shocked because it’s so wierd to think about. i am proud of her, i am happy for her, but i’m extremely sad at the same time. i did agree to do her wedding video and i think i’m gonna go there just to visit in a couple of months (she lives in springfield, mo). she told me she was nervous about asking me because she thought it was wierd too. but i know this obviously means a lot to her so i’ll support her 100 percent. you know how those brides are with their weddings. i guess their wedding is important to them or something. the only thing i won’t do is go to his bachelor’s party because i know what happens there, even at christian ones, and that would be wierd because we’re so close.

this might have been the deepest entry in the history of logan smith. don’t get used to it.

i got the bluehaven dvd’s done so if you want one, ten dollars on sunday.

Mrs. miller’s back!


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  1. dude your sing is…umm…interesting?  lol…your awesome!!!  blue haven dvds ready!!! yes!!! i need to get money from my parents now…lol…see you tomorrow???

  2. wow! im jealous that i found out through your xanga instaed of through nathan… grrr…. oh well. that’s awesome. i bragged on you to your mom today. youo really are an awesome guy. You’re in my prayers. God Bless
    Loveya Alissa

  3. You have a twin? thats cool.
    Yah I would love to have Artyom in our class, but he’s a professor in an institute right now teaching English which is pretty awesome, but he says its kinda hard because he’s so young.
    I got my registration pack…thing.. im excited about that, did you ever register for AIM? I mean…you kinda live with the director so its not as if you wont make it in before the cut out date… ha. funstuff

  4. wow, logan, just imagine, YOU could be almost getting married soon
    that is so very weird, we are still kids!
    God bless abby

  5. Yes weird thought… married at this age. My parents were married by the time they were my age… and they had a kid too (me!) I can’t imagine,,, don’t really want to. When will you go see her?
    What is up with giving only one e-prop? I thought nobody paid any attention to those anyway?  LoL It was good talking to you too ^_^ I love the internet! It is so awesome and cool. I was hearing the other day about Anne Judson who was a missionary to Burma… they received their first letters a year an a half after they left home! That is craziness! All the info was a year and a half old… what a sacrifice. I love reading about missionaries! Mom said one day she was sad that we want to be missionaries because she won’t get to live close to us and see her grand kids. I am sure my grandparents feel that right now… ya know? This is kinda long. Have a great weekend!
    -Amber Michele

  6. Logan, I have some great news, I found out tonight that I’m going to be all fall break wile the AIMers are here, so now I will be able to do everything! I cant wait…
    God bless. ~Seth

  7. hey logan, congrats to your twin. i remember you talkin’ about her a couple times. didn’t she come to church with you once a long time ago? And yeah, i’m proud of your deep intry.hope you have a great week. May God’s peace be in your heart.  In JC, aj

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