still not dead.

just getting lazier.

let’s see…what’s happened in my life…uh…nothing.

so i am reading my book. pretty proud. getting good grades. good stuff. i beat the system.

i hate gangstas.

and people who hate bush.

so tell me about your lives. or ask me a question. talk to me. i need friends. i needs me some.


17 thoughts on “

  1. okay so answer all your questions…both of my lives are pretty cool I suppose…I was going to go to the circus today but..ohh well ((I hate clowns anyways)) umm… and Can you beleive it’s not butter?!? I’m your friend!! ..I dunno what exactly “some” would mean…but….I need soem too! XD
    sorry if all that dosn’t make sense… but I love you bro!! Have fun at school making good grades and rebelling against the Gangstas…XP and yes we are glad that you still live …umm…just keep on keepen on!

  2. Hi Logan, u proly don’t remember me, but I went to pine springs with u a few yrs ago….I’m a friend of Michelle’s, I go to school with her. Just thought I’d say hello….so Hello!! lol! ttyl!Crystal

  3. Hey man!!!!
    Thanks for the comment! So there is nothing wrong w/ being lazy! Thats what seniors do!!! I am a big lazy senior and proud of it! hehe! well i guess i will see ya around! ttyl! luv ya!

  4. WOW
    logan, im so very proud of you this year in english, im actually doing very badly, maybe i should take some notes from you 🙂
    anyways, love you bunches

  5. Logan!!
    Thanks soo much for hanging out with me on my bday and being my moral support. lol.  you’re amazing!!! can’t wait till we do motorcycles and chai. well, im exhausted so im gonna hit the showerand then the bed. woowoo! adios. God bless
    Loveya Alissa

  6. hey logan…hows it goin! i dont remember what year it was at pine springs but i look a lot diff now….lol! well, i have a picture of u with 2 diff shoes on like a sandal and a tennis shoe or something ill have to find it! do u go to church at sunset??Crystal

  7. Logan, You comment machine, you.  And you say that you have no friends!!  Hmmmmm  I am Amber, Johnathan and Morwyn’s mom.  I enjoy reading your Xanga from time to time.  I especially liked the post about your cute little dog.  Hahaha You remind me of your Dad or your uncle Jon.  Keep up the good work at school.  Only one year left….  ~Marie

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