ok, i’m not dead.

i’m just extremely lazy.

i went to a football game for the first time since i quit band. that was wierd. i hung out with the band though and got glares from mr. lewis. i’m glad he didn’t talk to me or would have stabbed him out of sheer hatred. i did get kicked out of the flag section by the band nazi’s wife. facist pig.

i think i might actually read my english books this year. i also think i say that every year. but i have started reading frankenstein. mary shelly was only 19 when she wrote that book. that’s amazing. i want to do something like that within this next year. anyone have any ideas.

i’m really excited about candace wanting to come to aim. if you are reading this candace, uh, i’m excited for you.

if that is the case, our class is back at 6 people going to aim. that’s cool.

welp. see you later, i’ll put some wierd music on later.

i love everyone!


18 thoughts on “

  1. hi hi I am giving random props haha yea….wells I am marcy…..I live in Lubbock to….so yea…comment me back becuz I am cool! haha
                                                                                 MaRcY tHe MiDgEt

  2. hey logan!!  it is awesome that candace might be going…oh and just to let you know…you might have 7 in your class…im trying to decide if i should go the fall of 0 or 07…so yeah

  3. awww thanks logan! i am wayyyy excited ..i just havent told my dad yet..haha but the time will come…i cant wait for next year!!! ahhh
    -luv luv
    (oh…and btw ur on my xanga..mwhahaha)

  4. I think thats polly shore up there….how wierd is that?
    SOOO hey logan… you quit band?? when did this happened? when you dont xanga, you’re pretty much dead…pretty much…. I was gonna say something…what it was I have no clue… oh well..
    ever watched ONLY the pink elephants part on Dumbo?? It rocks. I want to find a pic. of a pink elephant for my xanga profile pic. how rock awesome would that be?

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