i’m excited.

you guys know i love Steven Spielberg, right? i do.

he’s filming a movie called Munich right now. it’s about the 1972 terrorist killings of the isreali olympians at the olympics. that should be really good. it’s supposed to come out this year.

he’s in pre-production of a movie about Abraham Lincoln starring Liam Neeson. that will be wierd. he doesn’t seem like a lincoln.

and he and George Lucas have approved a script for Indiana Jones 4 with Harrison Ford still. it probably won’t be good story-wise, but i love steven spielberg anyway. besides, he’s not writing it.

He’s producing some movies too: Jurassic park 4(not too excited about) a movie about the people that raised the flag at iwo jima-directed by Clint Eastwood, and The Talisman (thought you could appreciate that one, Josh).

my dog is in heat, and we’re going to breed her. i love her puppies. i likes me some puppies.


I just found out that my twin is getting married.

my twin is a girl that i grew up with that was born 2 hours after me, but her parents went ahead and put her in school on time, so she just graduated, she’s going to college, and now she’s getting married.

i don’t know how to react. i’m actually quite shocked because it’s so wierd to think about. i am proud of her, i am happy for her, but i’m extremely sad at the same time. i did agree to do her wedding video and i think i’m gonna go there just to visit in a couple of months (she lives in springfield, mo). she told me she was nervous about asking me because she thought it was wierd too. but i know this obviously means a lot to her so i’ll support her 100 percent. you know how those brides are with their weddings. i guess their wedding is important to them or something. the only thing i won’t do is go to his bachelor’s party because i know what happens there, even at christian ones, and that would be wierd because we’re so close.

this might have been the deepest entry in the history of logan smith. don’t get used to it.

i got the bluehaven dvd’s done so if you want one, ten dollars on sunday.

Mrs. miller’s back!

still not dead.

just getting lazier.

let’s see…what’s happened in my life…uh…nothing.

so i am reading my book. pretty proud. getting good grades. good stuff. i beat the system.

i hate gangstas.

and people who hate bush.

so tell me about your lives. or ask me a question. talk to me. i need friends. i needs me some.

ok, i’m not dead.

i’m just extremely lazy.

i went to a football game for the first time since i quit band. that was wierd. i hung out with the band though and got glares from mr. lewis. i’m glad he didn’t talk to me or would have stabbed him out of sheer hatred. i did get kicked out of the flag section by the band nazi’s wife. facist pig.

i think i might actually read my english books this year. i also think i say that every year. but i have started reading frankenstein. mary shelly was only 19 when she wrote that book. that’s amazing. i want to do something like that within this next year. anyone have any ideas.

i’m really excited about candace wanting to come to aim. if you are reading this candace, uh, i’m excited for you.

if that is the case, our class is back at 6 people going to aim. that’s cool.

welp. see you later, i’ll put some wierd music on later.

i love everyone!