had a pretty poopy birthday.

woke up, threw up, went to sleep, woke up, went to art (hate art), went to english (disgusting timed essay).

no motorcycle license. but i’m going to practice today.

on a happier note, my dad gave me the choice to go to Thailand, Brazil, or Belgium.

probably go to brazil- Recife and Joao Pessoa.

but that means i won’t be able to go to Paducah with the aimers. but i might be able to fly up to kentucky for the weekend.

anybody want to learn how to do the hustle?


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  1. happy birthday, kid!sorry it wasn’t so good…but you can have a substitute birthday on a better day, i’m sure.thailand is a place i was considering for my senior trip…any of those places sound amazing.love you logie!

  2. happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear logan,
    happy birhday to you!!!
    im sorry your b-day wasnt so much fun,
    when do you get to go on this trip you spoke of?
    see ya,

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN. sorry it was so wompish.
    in reply to your comment…yah I totaly know what its like to be the son of the director of AIM. chya…. but i do know how you mean “its gonna be wierd”. I ‘ve known almost every class since ’99 but now im actually going to be PART of a class. woo. thats cool
    wow…this has been playing in the background for like…5 minutes now and that guys ANNOYING…but maybe i subconsionsly learned to hustle….. bye

  4. come to my house and ill make sure you have a happy birthday, if you know what i mean, and i do mean….by giving you a hug of course!!! since your like my favorite jewish kid in the world. soo special ed is tomorrow. and i hope you feel better, maybe my hug will help that. haha byye<3lauren

  5. Yay, to Brazil! At least you will be in the same country… maybe we could arrange something and see you? I doubt it, but I like to think I have the power to see my friends who just happen to be in Brazil! Ahhh that is so cool (even if we don’t get to see you) Brushing up on your Portuguese? Or at least your Spanish? It will help you… at least a little. God Bless!!!!!!!

  6. Hey man, Happy (belated) Birthday… I hope today was better man.
         I cant wait for next year… it will be cool finally seeing everyone again in all the familliar places… and meeting new people type classmates… just wanted you to know I read your xanga dude… I know it don mean nothing, everyone does… youre Logan Smith… THE GUY remember that ok?

  7. hey Logan, even though i already told u, i wanted to again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GERMS AND MICROBES(sp?) FILL THE AIR, PEOPLE DYING EVERYWHERE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LOGAN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!    whewww, that song is longer than i remembered. i thought it was appropraite though, since u were sick on your b-day.  jk  anyway, hope u get your motorcycle license soon. take care! c u tomorrow.BLUEHAVEN!! finally….. in JC,  aj

  8. hey there!  so they are sending that card out still… nice!  it always made me laugh because that cake was so stinky and the icing was actually mustard… sick huh?  but i look married in it and that i must be girly with the super nice nails… yeah about that… but i remember you all being at lone oak back in the day… love your pic.  and hope your bday was nice… hope you come to harding!  i hope im not here if you do- ive been here for too long.  ha

  9. k, confusing question: When you have a video and you make a link to it on your xanga, where do you store the vid. that makes it come up on windows media player? I have a video that I wanna put on my xanga but I dont know how…heh…im so smart…k bye

  10. i had a superb time this weekend gettin to hang out with you and gettin to know you better…i hope u feel better soon and can screach better…but yah..ur amazing..and keep the glory for God
    -love you with the love of the Lord

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! o wait its like a whole week late, anyway the video by far is the greatest acheivement the ratpack has ever put together
    : ) Ryan
    p.s. thats how i role i dont play no games

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