here is a rough look of what i’m thinking for our senior shirts. let if me know if you want to change anything. if it looks like poop, i threw it together in about 30 minutes.

the car is pixelated on purpose


i’m sooooo lazy!

i can’t stand it!

i’m trying to go dirtbiking to get out of the house.

my birthday’s next wednesday. it doesn’t feel like it should be. it’s wierd. but i’m gonna try to get my motorcycle license while i’m renewing my old one.

i actually have homework tonight. poop.

my dog has an ear infection and it makes me sad.

i like my dog.

my dog is good.

my dog likes me.

i am good to my dog.

welp, see ya later.

i love everyone.


coach george let me watch cable in his office during class. so now i get to watch the price is right every other day.


this song makes me laugh. it’s going in the bluehaven video. it’s called amos moses by jerry reed.

no album cover for this one.



22 thoughts on “

  1. yay, i get to comment first! i know what u mean about the b-day thing. i just don’t feel like i should be this old. dirtbiking sounds like fun…..jealous….anyway, i hope Katie gets better. c u tomorrow.               in JC, aj

  2. homework sucks….
    and ya know what else sucks? i cant house any AIMers this year because my parents are leaving me here in p-town to cruise the bahamas and the caymen islands. how gay is that
    God bless. ~Seth

  3. im sorry about katie
    sorry about homework too
    yay , tomorrow is powerlunch!!!
    and bluehaven
    love you too logan

  4. Official AIM photographer  for Logan??….hm…..HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE???
    lol, so your dog eh? sad to hear that! Im on a lunch break from work, i have to go back in like 12 minutes…. wompsville….enjoy school.

  5. I can’t see the picture. Sad day. The music is fun, ha. The price is right still runs? Wow, I didn’t know that… isn’t the guy like… really old now? Or are they just reruns? Welp you might not answer my questions, but that is alright, I don’t mind so much. Have a good Friday, and then a good weekend, and then a good birthday! God Bless

  6. I ask again, do you not listen to anything normal?
    A Doborse? Yah, that’d be cool, but Dobermans are lap dogs by nature….so times that by the size of a half breed horse and that equals……..some broken legs.
    i like platypus-ai

  7. I am kinda wondering… how are you going to incorporate this song in the Blue Haven video? I say this like I know what is even in the video… so maybe a better question to ask is… what is going to be in that video? Just curious. Thank you for answering my questions  n_n  good to know people are still winning all kinds of junk. Have a good day, God Bless.

  8. i joined your blogring too… beucase i DO think they’re silly! and they kill a BUNCH of trees handing out NO GOOD pamphlets. hmm…i like your t-shirt design.and yeah, i know you dont have any clue who i am. but that’s ok i suppose. we can always fix that-Angie

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