welp. school started.

schools a joke for me.

logan’s schedule

Economics ap

TA for coach george

Latin 2- special ed

Video Tech

Art 1- teacher’s a complete idiot.

English 4 ap- only hard class

ha. no work whatsoever.

that’s a cool word.

hey listen! it’s ABBA!

just keep listening.



14 thoughts on “

  1. omg i think it is completly awesome that you have abba on your xanga!  you rock my face off!!  and its even better that isnt even in english!!

  2. Been listening to ABBA since I was born, but never in Spanish! Love the cover, sure would hate to be the guy in purple.
    Well at least you have an easy year, you can focus on more inportant things? Go with God
    -Amber Michele

  3. do you listen to anything normal??? weezer? AAF?….Elvis????
    haha, so school, sounds fun, good thing i dont have to go till the 30th!
    oiy, how goes life mr. smith? anything fanstically fantabular happened lately?

  4. I heard about you getting kicked out of the band hall. That’s kinda funny…but it makes me mad, too, because they let people (coughcassiesavagecough) that have never even been in band hang out in there. So now I’m gonna go in there and see what happens.
    By the way, is power lunch this week?

  5. it looks like the guy in purple forgot his undershirt on pic day, and got the worst boots.  u r sooooooo lazy! i wish i had block schedule so i could be as lazy as u. ttyl                          in JC, aj

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