i just ended the summer with something really stupid.

i did this about an hour ago.  (please download, it’s worth it)

i spent today making homemade smokebombs.

these smokebombs are hardcore and produce an amazing amount of smoke. i accidently lit one inside of my friends house and it took about an hour to ventilate the house, and then we made 4 more bombs.

when we got home, me and my friends were making a talent show video for bluehaven and we lit the biggest one we had and i put it a little too close to me. the smoke filled the entire back yard and drifted down the block in one cloud. it was amazing.

you’ll notice in the video that i get up for a second.

during that period, i got 11 blisters all over my body.

it hurts.

don’t ask about the phone, it’s stupid.

today’s music is hilarious. it’s Muhammad Ali!


12 thoughts on “

  1. smoke bombs are fun. I have a 24 pack in my room, along with 3 packs of flashers. im planning some fun with those. 
    So how goes the going ons?
    Hope your blisters get better :c(

  2. ALI’s me hero man!!! anyway smoke boms are cool and we need to make about 50 more to set off at blue haven and get in lots of trouble! awesome!

  3. Thanx for the fasting advice, I think I may try that! I would have never thought to do it like that.
    So i downloaded the video after i last commented. MAN it was sooo funny, I watched it twice and laughed harder the second time. Lol, great-ness.

  4. hey! my name’s elissa, i’m from nebraska, and i’m going to aim next year. i downloaded the video and as i was downloading it, my mom came into my room… so we watched it… and lol!!! that was great!!!!!! sorry about the blisters…. but i thought that the video was pretty funny anyway… heh heh… laters!

  5. That was great. Smoke bombs… lol, were you really on the phone? With who? Just kidding, I only ask because you said not to. That was funny, mom says it reminds her of your dad and his brother when they were younger. Sorry if you don’t like hearing that, I thought it was great. Blisters don’t sound so great, but was it worth it?
    How is school? (you don’t have to answer that)
    -Amber Michele

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