so how is your day going?

that’s cool.

i finally got a rough real shedule for school. the only thing i need to change is to get into ap english.

it turns out there was a junior named logan smith.

it’s still the band directors fault.

this song makes me i giggle. but i’m secure enough for it not to bother me.

this song is funny and let me tell you why. it’s not funny because it is ridiculously horrible, and donny is not anywhere near “rock and roll”, but for the simple fact that donny and marie are mormons.

ha. mormons.              silly mormons.

and jahovah’s witnesses.

so tell me about your lives. my life is boring and i envy all of yours.


12 thoughts on “

  1. aw remember kim robinson? she is mormon…i never really understood it but it was neat just to observe mormonism.JOHN SMIIIIITH. you should be in full support of that business of latter-day saints and such. you’re like, related.

  2. YOU LIE! Nobody envies my life. Lying fool. I’m pretty sure I misspelled lying and misspelled. See, I can’t even spell.

  3. thanx for commenting. i don’t want to be the only one going. guess i’ll RSVP now. if they’ll still take me.  c u sun.
    oh, yeah. what jehovah’s witness principal does that verse contradict? just curious.

  4. You should envy my life. I shower twice a month, I drive a ford pinto that went thru a durby …twice, I have 66 cousins….not to mention the other side of the family I dont talk to. I have 5 dogs, and an un-numbered amount of cats. I work with cows at 4 am every day and im missing a couple teeth… Yah, I live in Ava Missouri
    No but really, you should envy me, know why? Cuz my last names Smith! HAHA, im cooler then you!

  5. lol, i thought there was two girls on the cover of this latest album, and he in no way sounds like a boy
    lol, good choice on music, and i dislike jr. highers!!!!
    ok, see you maybe tomorrow

  6. Hey Logan, Wow man it’s been awhile.  This is Adam Nixon.  I live in Oklahoma now.  I just wanted to wish you a great last year of school and to tell you to visit my xanga sometime and leave some comments.  Well man talk to ya laterz, Adam.

  7. Her voice would give me a head ache to listen to much… and Keely is right, he looks like a girl, and his outfit so rocks. Ha, if I still did dress up that would be cool. j/k
    There are great awesome stuff about your life too,,, at least I always think so when I come here. You make your own adventures and fun. Always makes me smile at least. Life doesn’t have to always have to be on the edge exciting all the time, we all have boring parts too. Ah, we think you are cool, don’t stop being cool okay? Even when you are bored you are cool, so be happy. God Bless!

  8. Hah!
     You can tell who wore the pants in that band… listen to the country guitar in the background. I bet she made him wear that gay outfit too. LOL
    Domineering women… it makes me… i dont know what it amekes me do… cower… no… cry… no … cringe… no … submit… no… ummm. I dont like it if that is enough to say. LOL
         My life is pretty boring sometimes… I like all the cool fruits we get here. Yea… cool fruits with cool names. Mayhaps Ill take some pictures and show you all of them!

  9. Logan-
    You are soo awesome. im so glad that im gonna get to be around you more. you’re such a blast to be around! well, i have to actually do homework now. grrrr… this is so frustrating im not good at this whole doing hw thing at home. k… well, my life is really boring, too. adios. God Bless
    Loveya Alissa

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