so i finally asked one of the band directors why i was signed up for band. he tried to tell me that you had to have a parent signature to change a schedule. since my parents hate band more than i do, i told him that was a bunch of bull. i might have believed it was just an accident if i was still in second band. but since you have to have a band director sign the schedule to move me up to first band, i told him it was one of the band directors because that was the only change in my schedule from last year. he decided he was hungry and left the room.

so aim started. they seem cool. i can’t wait to go on all of the trips.

today’s music is also funny. but bad. unfortunate.

oh yeah, if you can’t hear the music (i know some of you said you couldn’t) you need real player.


13 thoughts on “

  1. lol, logan, you’d be better off with some free bird of your own
    anyways, see you around, sorry about the gay directors, *cough* mr lewis and sutherland get it on!*
    must be getting a cold

  2. They still have u signed up for band? u must be pretty good if they want u that bad.
    Have fun on all the aimer trips. NOT!!!!!!!!!!     jk    i’m just jealous.
    ps. what is a “real player”?   look, i’m not a real techno gal, so don’t make fun of me.
    see u wed. in JC,       aj

  3.       _     ____________________–_                BANG        /  l   _____ l  _____________l              ====>      /   /   l   _____  l  l     /    __l_______l /   /        /__L__//  /        / /         /______stop with the tee hee or else

  4. Hey, I know I need real player, I am just too lazy to download it. I can go on my parents comp and listen… I always enjoy your music adventures.
    There is one or two to the Brazilians who can speak like… a few English words. I think Joadison is learning English just for us… but we mainly rely on our knowledge of Portuguese… Johnathan is WAY better than I. Maybe I can hear more than I say, but it is still frustrating sometimes… makes for interesting days ๐Ÿ˜‰ Always fun.
    *sigh* enjoy the AIM trips… enjoy the AIMers… *sigh* LoL , j/k I wouldn’t trade here for Lubbock… well at least not just yet. See ya in a year!!
    -Amber Michele

  5. Yah I seen that, im sad tooo :c(  I havent seen him in over 2 years and I was excited he was here,but alas, the stupid military wont let him!! :c{ pray that he does get out tho, maybe he can be in our class next year

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