here is the old people version of our mission trip.



so i pulled an allnighter again on saturday. i had to make dvd’s for sunday. it took forever and i couldn’t sleep. i took a five hour nap on sunday which was a bad thing to do. i coudldn’t get to sleep until 5:30.

then i went to band practice

i ran into Mr. Bibb and he told me that he meant what he wrote. i stood outside and just watched people march, and mr. Lewis came and shook my hand expecting me to talk about being in band. he asked me what i was doing here. i told him i was just hanging out. he looked at me funny and angrily repeated, “JUST HANGING OUT?” and he turned around and walked away.

i went to band again today and hung out with the people that were in the hallway. and then with everyone on their break.

hey ratpack people. or anyone else. here is the bear video from bluehaven. enjoy


today’s music is hideous. just listen a while. it gets worse.

well see you later.


29 thoughts on “

  1. you are right this is awful!!! hahaa i like the video. sorry about stupid band directors they are stupid and logan “they need to be slapped” along with ms. conner. she still deserves a good one!

  2. Mrs. Miller! i ADORE her im her greatest fan, i have the biggest crush on her ,she is so HOT! i also ADORE the bear video, i think that guy that does the steve irwin impression is the most talented man ever to star in a video about stuffed bears.
    : ) Ryan
    p.s. i agree, nothing compares to making fun of gay people

  3. hey, thanks for the video, tho i cant download it, meh, thanksim up for harrasing the band, should you need a side kick

  4. You are right the music is hideous… wow, how does she have greatest HITS? Where do you find this stuff? We all enjoyed the video! LOL! Good stuff, you should do that with more of your videos… we don’t get to see them here in Brazil like everyone else does. Oh well, thanx for that one, it was a great laugh!
    -Amber Michele

  5. The music is horrible. I can’t get any music on mine anymore. I guess xanga hates me. Anyway it is hilarious that you just go up to school and just “hang out” with the band people. Well i will talk to you later dude.

  6. Hey Logan, what kind of bugs are you talking about?? I’m doing great how about yourself? Are you gonna come to Paducah this fall with the new AIM class?? You should. God bless. ~Seth

  7. I live in Bratislava. And now for a barrage of questions directed your way: what mission were you with? How long were you here and how long ago was that? Where did you live here? Where you ever at one of the Ivanka Christmas missionary parties?

  8. I’ve been here since January of ’98 and love it. Guess it’s been 7 1/2 years now. The missionary parties started after you left, so I guess you wouldn’t have been able to come anyway. It’s for the missionaries all over Slovakia to get together once a year, and it’s pretty nifty. Food, fellowship, time of sharing, music, etc. I attend an MK resource center here in Bratislava. I used to attend Slovak school, and then I homeschooled, but now I go to what we call BERC– Bratislava Educational Resource Center. How’s your Slovak?

  9. Yeah, I started out in Slovak school before I could understand anything as well. It’s hard, but you pick it up fast. I did Slovak school in the morning and did English homeschool in the afternoon. I went to school, like you, for the friends and language. Only thing is we moved out of that village only a year and a half after being in it, so we uprooted again and I don’t have much contact with my friends from there now. Sad.

    yeah and you saw me too. but you didn’t talk much. i will forgive you, however, because you said you were tired. anyway i found your xanga!

  11. Caaaaaammmppp. Hmm, yes. It was enjoyable. My cabin o’girls was completly awesome, I loved them to death. Some of the other people totally rocked, it was my friend Alans first session and he did a good job, there was atleast 30 or more campers!! But the older guys were psycho ( seriously) and the older girls were…snobs… so what can you do? LATERS!

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