had a pretty poopy birthday.

woke up, threw up, went to sleep, woke up, went to art (hate art), went to english (disgusting timed essay).

no motorcycle license. but i’m going to practice today.

on a happier note, my dad gave me the choice to go to Thailand, Brazil, or Belgium.

probably go to brazil- Recife and Joao Pessoa.

but that means i won’t be able to go to Paducah with the aimers. but i might be able to fly up to kentucky for the weekend.

anybody want to learn how to do the hustle?



here is a rough look of what i’m thinking for our senior shirts. let if me know if you want to change anything. if it looks like poop, i threw it together in about 30 minutes.

the car is pixelated on purpose


i’m sooooo lazy!

i can’t stand it!

i’m trying to go dirtbiking to get out of the house.

my birthday’s next wednesday. it doesn’t feel like it should be. it’s wierd. but i’m gonna try to get my motorcycle license while i’m renewing my old one.

i actually have homework tonight. poop.

my dog has an ear infection and it makes me sad.

i like my dog.

my dog is good.

my dog likes me.

i am good to my dog.

welp, see ya later.

i love everyone.


coach george let me watch cable in his office during class. so now i get to watch the price is right every other day.


this song makes me laugh. it’s going in the bluehaven video. it’s called amos moses by jerry reed.

no album cover for this one.


welp. school started.

schools a joke for me.

logan’s schedule

Economics ap

TA for coach george

Latin 2- special ed

Video Tech

Art 1- teacher’s a complete idiot.

English 4 ap- only hard class

ha. no work whatsoever.

that’s a cool word.

hey listen! it’s ABBA!

just keep listening.



i just ended the summer with something really stupid.

i did this about an hour ago.

http://s43.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2UPJ8XB1JKSCM0JWBR1571UY7  (please download, it’s worth it)

i spent today making homemade smokebombs.

these smokebombs are hardcore and produce an amazing amount of smoke. i accidently lit one inside of my friends house and it took about an hour to ventilate the house, and then we made 4 more bombs.

when we got home, me and my friends were making a talent show video for bluehaven and we lit the biggest one we had and i put it a little too close to me. the smoke filled the entire back yard and drifted down the block in one cloud. it was amazing.

you’ll notice in the video that i get up for a second.

during that period, i got 11 blisters all over my body.

it hurts.

don’t ask about the phone, it’s stupid.

today’s music is hilarious. it’s Muhammad Ali!

so how is your day going?

that’s cool.

i finally got a rough real shedule for school. the only thing i need to change is to get into ap english.

it turns out there was a junior named logan smith.

it’s still the band directors fault.

this song makes me i giggle. but i’m secure enough for it not to bother me.

this song is funny and let me tell you why. it’s not funny because it is ridiculously horrible, and donny is not anywhere near “rock and roll”, but for the simple fact that donny and marie are mormons.

ha. mormons.              silly mormons.

and jahovah’s witnesses.

so tell me about your lives. my life is boring and i envy all of yours.


so i finally asked one of the band directors why i was signed up for band. he tried to tell me that you had to have a parent signature to change a schedule. since my parents hate band more than i do, i told him that was a bunch of bull. i might have believed it was just an accident if i was still in second band. but since you have to have a band director sign the schedule to move me up to first band, i told him it was one of the band directors because that was the only change in my schedule from last year. he decided he was hungry and left the room.

so aim started. they seem cool. i can’t wait to go on all of the trips.

today’s music is also funny. but bad. unfortunate.

oh yeah, if you can’t hear the music (i know some of you said you couldn’t) you need real player.


here is the old people version of our mission trip.



so i pulled an allnighter again on saturday. i had to make dvd’s for sunday. it took forever and i couldn’t sleep. i took a five hour nap on sunday which was a bad thing to do. i coudldn’t get to sleep until 5:30.

then i went to band practice

i ran into Mr. Bibb and he told me that he meant what he wrote. i stood outside and just watched people march, and mr. Lewis came and shook my hand expecting me to talk about being in band. he asked me what i was doing here. i told him i was just hanging out. he looked at me funny and angrily repeated, “JUST HANGING OUT?” and he turned around and walked away.

i went to band again today and hung out with the people that were in the hallway. and then with everyone on their break.

hey ratpack people. or anyone else. here is the bear video from bluehaven. enjoy


today’s music is hideous. just listen a while. it gets worse.

well see you later.