I got a letter in the mail from my band directors.

all it said was “we surely do need you in band this year!”

i don’t think they should “legally” be able to change my schedule without asking me, so i’m going to complain to the right people. “The Smith Connections”

so i’ve been helping with an inner-city vbs. we only had a few problems with the vbs kids. it was good. the same is not to be said about the kids from my church that came to “help”.

we had a bunch of junior high kids that thought they were apart of the vbs. which is not a good thing, because they also thought they had authority. so they would try to play the games that the kids were playing, but they would use their “authority” to tip the scales their way. they started knocking over kids and talking back to the kids. oh yeah, they’re really small and couldn’t carry tables. one kid dropped a table three times and the final time, he dropped it into a wall and chipped it. uhgh. i had to get onto him and told him to just leave the table there and i’ll get it later.

i tried to be nice to the seventh graders, but it was hard

today’s music is by bill Cosby. just listen to it for a while. i like it.


i found a bunch of sites that are like, “stop celebrity posers!”

bunch of idiots. who cares if someone is impersonating Jamie Lynn Spears?

by the way, a lot of people impersonate Jamie Lynn Spears.   i don’t know why that is.

so i told them to get a life. so if i get any mean comments, you know why.


14 thoughts on “

  1. lol, wow, bill cosby=funny
    i have to give you eprops, im not as mean as you 🙂
    see you around, you lil band booger

  2. hola logan smith…it’s teresa and i just thought i’d say howdy.how’s your summer going? good i hope.what was that book called you made in 9th grade. about bob or something? i want a copy when you publish it.:)

  3. LOGAN!!!  I’m sure i got the same kinda letter, i think when i get home i’ll kinda tear up and put it in the trash……maybe burn, idk, cool!!  Oh and by the way, bill cosby’s awesome!!!

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