my friend broke his arm today.

i didn’t really freak out because it didn’t seem like that big of a deal at the time. it was a compound fracture and you could see that both of his bones were broken and i saw it happen.

turns out it was the third time to break his arm in that spot. his bones were forced into his muscle tissue and kind of layed on top of each other. i thought to just drive him to the er room, but his mom wanted to take him. so we waited.

i couldn’t go with him right away, but when i got there, he had just found out that they would have to operate. five hours later, he has two plates in his arm and is crazy from the morphine.

i love people on morphine.

“Surgery is my new favorite thing.”

“I feel goooood!”

“My nose really itches. I wanted to scratch my nose, but they told me ‘you can’t scratch you nose’!”

funny stuff.

oh well.

keep him in your prayers.


on a happier note, you may have noticed josh’s music from the banana splits. i got to thinking, our generation wasn’t blessed with actually seeing the show. i used to watch reruns. they’re cool.

i found a guy that buys wierd vinyl record off of ebay and puts them on the internet, so i’ll try to post a new song every update. most of them are pretty funny.


9 thoughts on “

  1. my mom told me about that! was it bryson?
    it sounds gross though. i dont think i’ve ever been on morphine but i think i would scratch my nose…

  2. Hey!!!
    well he is in my prayers!!!! Just to let you know that LA was good! some parts of it was nasty but other than that it was great! see ya!

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