well guess what. i just got my schedule for my senior year and it is terrible.

i signed up for easy classes and didn’t sign up for math or science.

i got my schedule and it is almost exactly the same as last year.

i’m in us history, precal, chemistry, and english 3. these are all junior classes.

oh yeah i forgot. i definately did not sign up for band.

the poopiness of this schedule is directly related to the band directors. i told them distinctly that i did not want to be in band this year. nicely even.

the band directors signed me up for band and changed my whole schedule.

i had a feeling they would because they have done this to other people, but i was suprised to see none of the classes i signed up for. they’ve never messed up anybody’s schedule like this before.

i’m gonna get my schedule changed tommorow, but i’m going to show up to band anyway and have a bad attitude. i’ll try to get kicked out.

not the best thing to do, but i was way too nice last year to them in getting my schedule “changed”. i’m not going to be nice anymore.

as you can tell from the length of the update and the sarcastic tone, i am not happy. i’m hacked.


oh yeah i’ve been wanting to do one of these surveys

[X] Have you ever been mad?

[ ] Have you ever killed a man? (not yet)



17 thoughts on “

  1. where’s your back bone stick it to the man.  To many a yr. have the band directors destroyed peoples lives and gotten away with it.  FIGHT THE SYSTEM.  Tell them that you’ll be in band but you don’t feel like practicing or going to the games or playing at the pep-rallies.

  2. im sorry your schedule got so messed up, we should  do something to lewis’s house, not bad, just something. btw, this song makes my day everytime i get on your site, okay, see you later

  3. Hey Logan
    Of course I remember you, you taught me how to flip my eyelids inside out.
    Why are quitting band, band is awesome. Well, it is at my school, I’ll let it slide if you are under different circumstances.
    I’ll tell everyone here in  P-town you said hey.
    God bless. Seth

  4. Hey there. Yes I know both Lauren and Logan. And I knew you when you were just a wee one…haven’t seen you since then. Just recent pictures. You probably remember me from back then. Ya’ll need to come back and visit us sometime! Take care!

  5. Hey logan i was totally there when u got that schedule, and i hope youll be there for brysons party tonight
    : ) Ryan
    [X] Have you ever been mad?
    [X] Have you ever killed a man? of course, i shot jfk

  6. thats too bad about your schedule….. if you need one of the band teachers nocked off i can provide a cheap hitman services……if you get what im saying………….the buzzard circles only when it senses death *wink*wink*

  7. you use an uber-amount of ? when writing things, are you aware of this~  Im going to use ~like you use ? …ofcourse I already do that anyway? see how confusing that is. Great-ness. My leg is bound to come off. I need amputation but my parents only slap me across the head, hand me a knife and dare me. I dont appreciate the sarcasim. So serisously… Hi, good to hear from ya!

  8. Slovakia sounds like an adventure! You will have to tell me more about the time you spent there, I have never heard the stories. I will be taking a trip about the same time next year too…. does Lubbok sound fun to you? Ha, I really don’t know how soon we will come back to the States…. raising support and visiting family and all that before we go to AIM… or if we are just getting there a week before? Who knows…. it is hard for me to think this time next year… I will be leaving! Wow, have a good week!

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