well ok. now i can put pictures on.  Josh.

just some random mexico pictures to start off with

my sister’s hamster’s dieing.

so is Bill, Keely!

yep. i’m cool.

remember Pistol Pete’s

i found that hat dirtbiking. i’m cool.

these kids are cool. i need a tan.

so, more mexico pictures later


oh yeah, about the last post, yeah i’m awesome.

i’m probably the coolest post-writing manbeast




5 thoughts on “

  1. lol
    he is, and with counseling ive come to accept, nay, embrace the fact. but seriously, you have to speak at the funeral, you know you loved the dumb cat
    your book was awesome, i forsake harry potter till you write again:)

  2. YEAH!!! pistol petes was the coolest place ever!!! the dancing anamatronic bear tried to moleste me one time though…… we don’t go back to pistol petes anymore

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