if anyone went to wait in line for harry potter…

i don’t read.         ha.

not since………8th grade.

mrs. Abbe.              she made me lazy.

i’m perfectly content with going to SEE harry potter.

i’d rather be surprised.              i don’t like knowing what happens.

oh well.

lets try multiline sentences.

ok. so tuesday night, i couldn’t sleep for some reason. i tried to go to sleep at about 2 and decided at 4 that i could not sleep. i figured since i was up this long, i might as well not go to sleep at all. i occupied myself in many various stupid forms -excluding reading- and at dawn, i watched Million Dollar Baby.

wow that is one of the saddest movies i have seen in a while. how depressing. i won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t suffered my torture. welp. still no effort in finding a job. woot.

oh yeah. after the movie i had to mow the lawn. that took it out of me. i normally can hack a good lawn-mowing, but this was not a normal morning. that night was church and still no sleep. i had to show my mexico video which usually makes me nervous. so now i’m pacing back and forth but have not the energy to do it. people congratulate me on my video and i just stare blankely into the next room and contemplate taking a nap. after church, i abandoned my scheduled dinner at buffalo wild wings to go home and sleep.

Chapter 2

i get home and lay down to sleep on the couch. (i don’t know why i prefer the couch to my awesomely comfortable bed, but i do, and my mom hates it. i’m always on the couch.) i close my eyes and the doorbell rings. i get up and answer the doorbell -luckily i had pants on, a rarity- and six people come in waiting for my dad to get home. so i sit on the couch with them for a while, but then decide to move to my parent’s bedroom to sleep -again, i don’t know why i’m avoiding my bed- i get to sleep and what seems like 2 or 3 minutes later my mom wakes me up because she wants to go to sleep. so i move to the couch again and fall asleep.

Chapter 3

It was a dark and gloomy morning. The fog had just settled on the freshly cut grass. The sound of misery filled the air. I am awoken to the strange hiss of the hot iron. The piercing light from the alarm clock mocked me as I realized that I was late for the event. I stumbled drunkenly through the musty, cold hallway to my room thinking only of one thing. More Sleep.

The drive was not a pleasant one. Every pothole pierced my brain like a thousand needles. Every song on the radio beat into my eardrums with the drive of a herd of buffalo. I had made this journey before, but now, this morning of mornings, the trip was a mile if it was a foot. I drove for what seemed like an eternity until I finally got to the gym. The roaring of the crowd was too much to bear- the shrills of the mothers that had gathered to cheer on their children had overcome me, and I collapsed at the the sound of the thunderous chants and stunningly loud music.


if you hadn’t guessed–don’t be ashamed if you didn’t– i went to my friend’s sister’s cheerleading competition. it was rediculously loud.

so how’s that for an entry?

forget reading harry potter. read my entry.

that took me like 30 minutes. wow.

have fun.

oh yeah, i apologize for the past/present tense-shifts



13 thoughts on “

  1.  Awesome… 😀 I prefert o read though because I always feel you get the complete story when in the movie they have to skip things (like teh last Harry Potter Movie) ohh I was sooo upset whith that one..:( okay so anyways I love your picture!! 😛 it’s plain awesome anyways have  a good day full of sleep 😀
    Mo Mo

  2. Hey Logan!!!
    I loved the story! That was awesome!!!! I couldn’t write a story like that in thirty minutes! Way to go! Just thought I would say hey so “HEY!”
    IN HIM,
    Michelle McDonald

  3. Hey! That WAS an awesome post! Longest one yet I think.
     People might hate me, but I don’t read Harry Potter…. I did like the first 2 but didn’t want to read anymore, and I wasn’t so impressed with any of the movies…. just me? Good thing they don’t come out here yet….. I don’t even know if they translate the book so Brazilians can read it? Oh well, less head ache for me about it all. I didn’t even know another was comming out till this morning (I saw on MSN news) yeah, maybe I am boring.
    I have been having fun!! Agian, this was a cool update on your life.

  4. *applauds* now thats talent. You wont read a novel, so you write one. Brilliant. I especailly like the sentence structure in chapter 3. Im sending it to my editor, i’ll get back to you on that. SOO wanna hear what I did? went to the movies by myself….not just any movie..no no no….I went to see war of the worlds! ….By myself…. You try that and write a novel on it and if your experience is anything like mine, you’ll get an award. A BIG fat one. yah im done.

  5. i have a publishing company in mind for your novel. also reading is for chumps and adio books and movies are the wave of the future…the wave of the future….the wave of the future…..the wave of the future…….the wave of the future………………the wave of the future…..woops.. aviator flashback

  6. okay wow  you win the longest xanga entry award from me…………..what have you been up to? it has been way too long since we’ve hung out or whatever…..have a good week and we need to all go hang out sometime before school starts.

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