well for all of you Sunset kids, i finished the youth group portion of the all fabulous Anahuac, Chihuahua, Mexico,-is there another category?- video.

37min. it’s quite bipolar. it’s normal, sad, then extremely happy, then sad again.

people will cry? -unnecessary question mark-


i am a goof. i’m sorry. i’m in a silly mood. um. betty.


red clothes

ha josh. i also have a new picture. but mine is three years old. i’m young.

oh junior high. -shiver-

stupid junior high


11 thoughts on “

  1. AHH Its LOGAN SMITH. hey dude whats up. So yah, the cars totolly rock! Thats gotta be killer on the paint job.
    “i am a goof. i’m sorry. i’m in a silly mood. um. betty.”   um…I think you’re always in that mood…
    Going in ’06  eh? Im tellin ya, ’06 is gonna be the awesomest class yet. 8cD chya. bye bye

  2. I must say,,,, that picture is so cool, who’s car is that do you know? Lots of stuff I miss…. maybe this isn’t on my list of ‘suff I miss’ Great picture though. Did you get a job yet?

  3. (2nd time to comment. but who cares?) OH MY GOODNESS!!! Mustang? Yes please!!! Haha, I drive a Nissan pre-mini van tho, so I dunno if I wanna give it up for a ‘Stang.  And Dirt bikes? Totally awesome! ( i was a little delayed in reading those 2 comments) heh..

  4. this song drives me crazy. ITS STUCK IN MY HEAD AND THE ONLY WAY TO GET IT OUT IS TO BLOW IT OUT…WITH A BULLET!!! o sorry. i need my medication

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