my dad is finally making me get a job.

i like sleeping in till 1 or 3 everyday.

oh well.

i think i’ll apply for Best Buy and Circuit City. uh TM.

i’m not working at fast food no matter what anyone says (JP). or United.


my dad says i can’t be picky because it’s still money.

i don’t really care about money, because i don’t like to spend it.

i’ve noticed lately that i only write in single lines.

i don’t know why.

let me know if this is a problem.

i don’t know why it would be.



4 thoughts on “

  1. this brings tears to my eyes my friend.  I too feal your pain as i also must find a job. on a stranger note dosn’t your sister look like your dad with a wig.  I think so and so do 90 other people that i know…..but you don’t know them
    Your Supreme Ruler

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