i love summer.


i slept in till 3.

i’m a bum.

at least i have a home.

Lucky Bum.


well i finally got to light fireworks last night.

we bought discount fireworks, so we had to wait.

Good Show.



6 thoughts on “

  1. We didn’t get to shoot off any fireworks this year… it was sad. Maybe we will come new year’s but it depends? I love fireworks, I missed seeing them for 4th. Thank you for your prayers about our study! God Bless

  2. Hey Logan!! There is nothing wrong with getting entirely too much sleep n_n (beleive me I know) okay anyways…I think your lucky becaues you got to do fireworks at all!! (the things here are not fireworks they are more like bombs *_*) every once in a while you hear an explosion an you just shrug cause it’s prolly a firework O_o anyways have fun!
    Mo Mo

  3. good job, you spelled awkward right in your last post. i spelled it wrong all of the time until brian corrected me. so.. next years AIM class will be here in 3 1/2 weeks? i will probably still be here. cant you tell your parents to postpone the next class to come until the ’04 class all leaves? oh well.
    and i understand that your sad that your dad sold his truck, my dad has an equally old and beat up El Camino that he is probably going to sell, and its like a family tragedy.

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