hope you had a nice 4th of july. i don’t know what to talk about.

awkward silence.


is that how you spell awkward?

it’s an awkward word in itself.

my dad sold his truck. i’m sad.

i’m probably going to sell my mustang.

any takers?


see ya later


6 thoughts on “

  1. I (being somebody you don’t know) or I (being somebody you totally do know but just don’t know who it is at the moment) will give you two of the mystierious “eprops” because I liked your dad’s truck. And I also like your mustang because of how cool it is. Yes, that is my comment on your e-diary. Take it or leave it. Yes, it is way past my bedtime.

  2. I see you heard the news about england, well we were leaving the airport right before it happened.  I almost died!!!!!

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