I got a letter in the mail from my band directors.

all it said was “we surely do need you in band this year!”

i don’t think they should “legally” be able to change my schedule without asking me, so i’m going to complain to the right people. “The Smith Connections”

so i’ve been helping with an inner-city vbs. we only had a few problems with the vbs kids. it was good. the same is not to be said about the kids from my church that came to “help”.

we had a bunch of junior high kids that thought they were apart of the vbs. which is not a good thing, because they also thought they had authority. so they would try to play the games that the kids were playing, but they would use their “authority” to tip the scales their way. they started knocking over kids and talking back to the kids. oh yeah, they’re really small and couldn’t carry tables. one kid dropped a table three times and the final time, he dropped it into a wall and chipped it. uhgh. i had to get onto him and told him to just leave the table there and i’ll get it later.

i tried to be nice to the seventh graders, but it was hard

today’s music is by bill Cosby. just listen to it for a while. i like it.


i found a bunch of sites that are like, “stop celebrity posers!”

bunch of idiots. who cares if someone is impersonating Jamie Lynn Spears?

by the way, a lot of people impersonate Jamie Lynn Spears.   i don’t know why that is.

so i told them to get a life. so if i get any mean comments, you know why.


my friend broke his arm today.

i didn’t really freak out because it didn’t seem like that big of a deal at the time. it was a compound fracture and you could see that both of his bones were broken and i saw it happen.

turns out it was the third time to break his arm in that spot. his bones were forced into his muscle tissue and kind of layed on top of each other. i thought to just drive him to the er room, but his mom wanted to take him. so we waited.

i couldn’t go with him right away, but when i got there, he had just found out that they would have to operate. five hours later, he has two plates in his arm and is crazy from the morphine.

i love people on morphine.

“Surgery is my new favorite thing.”

“I feel goooood!”

“My nose really itches. I wanted to scratch my nose, but they told me ‘you can’t scratch you nose’!”

funny stuff.

oh well.

keep him in your prayers.


on a happier note, you may have noticed josh’s music from the banana splits. i got to thinking, our generation wasn’t blessed with actually seeing the show. i used to watch reruns. they’re cool.

i found a guy that buys wierd vinyl record off of ebay and puts them on the internet, so i’ll try to post a new song every update. most of them are pretty funny.


well guess what. i just got my schedule for my senior year and it is terrible.

i signed up for easy classes and didn’t sign up for math or science.

i got my schedule and it is almost exactly the same as last year.

i’m in us history, precal, chemistry, and english 3. these are all junior classes.

oh yeah i forgot. i definately did not sign up for band.

the poopiness of this schedule is directly related to the band directors. i told them distinctly that i did not want to be in band this year. nicely even.

the band directors signed me up for band and changed my whole schedule.

i had a feeling they would because they have done this to other people, but i was suprised to see none of the classes i signed up for. they’ve never messed up anybody’s schedule like this before.

i’m gonna get my schedule changed tommorow, but i’m going to show up to band anyway and have a bad attitude. i’ll try to get kicked out.

not the best thing to do, but i was way too nice last year to them in getting my schedule “changed”. i’m not going to be nice anymore.

as you can tell from the length of the update and the sarcastic tone, i am not happy. i’m hacked.


oh yeah i’ve been wanting to do one of these surveys

[X] Have you ever been mad?

[ ] Have you ever killed a man? (not yet)


well ok. now i can put pictures on.  Josh.

just some random mexico pictures to start off with

my sister’s hamster’s dieing.

so is Bill, Keely!

yep. i’m cool.

remember Pistol Pete’s

i found that hat dirtbiking. i’m cool.

these kids are cool. i need a tan.

so, more mexico pictures later


oh yeah, about the last post, yeah i’m awesome.

i’m probably the coolest post-writing manbeast



if anyone went to wait in line for harry potter…

i don’t read.         ha.

not since………8th grade.

mrs. Abbe.              she made me lazy.

i’m perfectly content with going to SEE harry potter.

i’d rather be surprised.              i don’t like knowing what happens.

oh well.

lets try multiline sentences.

ok. so tuesday night, i couldn’t sleep for some reason. i tried to go to sleep at about 2 and decided at 4 that i could not sleep. i figured since i was up this long, i might as well not go to sleep at all. i occupied myself in many various stupid forms -excluding reading- and at dawn, i watched Million Dollar Baby.

wow that is one of the saddest movies i have seen in a while. how depressing. i won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t suffered my torture. welp. still no effort in finding a job. woot.

oh yeah. after the movie i had to mow the lawn. that took it out of me. i normally can hack a good lawn-mowing, but this was not a normal morning. that night was church and still no sleep. i had to show my mexico video which usually makes me nervous. so now i’m pacing back and forth but have not the energy to do it. people congratulate me on my video and i just stare blankely into the next room and contemplate taking a nap. after church, i abandoned my scheduled dinner at buffalo wild wings to go home and sleep.

Chapter 2

i get home and lay down to sleep on the couch. (i don’t know why i prefer the couch to my awesomely comfortable bed, but i do, and my mom hates it. i’m always on the couch.) i close my eyes and the doorbell rings. i get up and answer the doorbell -luckily i had pants on, a rarity- and six people come in waiting for my dad to get home. so i sit on the couch with them for a while, but then decide to move to my parent’s bedroom to sleep -again, i don’t know why i’m avoiding my bed- i get to sleep and what seems like 2 or 3 minutes later my mom wakes me up because she wants to go to sleep. so i move to the couch again and fall asleep.

Chapter 3

It was a dark and gloomy morning. The fog had just settled on the freshly cut grass. The sound of misery filled the air. I am awoken to the strange hiss of the hot iron. The piercing light from the alarm clock mocked me as I realized that I was late for the event. I stumbled drunkenly through the musty, cold hallway to my room thinking only of one thing. More Sleep.

The drive was not a pleasant one. Every pothole pierced my brain like a thousand needles. Every song on the radio beat into my eardrums with the drive of a herd of buffalo. I had made this journey before, but now, this morning of mornings, the trip was a mile if it was a foot. I drove for what seemed like an eternity until I finally got to the gym. The roaring of the crowd was too much to bear- the shrills of the mothers that had gathered to cheer on their children had overcome me, and I collapsed at the the sound of the thunderous chants and stunningly loud music.


if you hadn’t guessed–don’t be ashamed if you didn’t– i went to my friend’s sister’s cheerleading competition. it was rediculously loud.

so how’s that for an entry?

forget reading harry potter. read my entry.

that took me like 30 minutes. wow.

have fun.

oh yeah, i apologize for the past/present tense-shifts


well for all of you Sunset kids, i finished the youth group portion of the all fabulous Anahuac, Chihuahua, Mexico,-is there another category?- video.

37min. it’s quite bipolar. it’s normal, sad, then extremely happy, then sad again.

people will cry? -unnecessary question mark-


i am a goof. i’m sorry. i’m in a silly mood. um. betty.


red clothes

ha josh. i also have a new picture. but mine is three years old. i’m young.

oh junior high. -shiver-

stupid junior high

my dad is finally making me get a job.

i like sleeping in till 1 or 3 everyday.

oh well.

i think i’ll apply for Best Buy and Circuit City. uh TM.

i’m not working at fast food no matter what anyone says (JP). or United.


my dad says i can’t be picky because it’s still money.

i don’t really care about money, because i don’t like to spend it.

i’ve noticed lately that i only write in single lines.

i don’t know why.

let me know if this is a problem.

i don’t know why it would be.