Wexico was amazing.

I spent most of the time filming everything that we did, but I also helped break up concrete and paint and help with vbs. The kids at the children’s home were amazing also. It was so cool to see how just a smile can show someone how much you love them. I met a bunch of boys who wanted to play with my camera while we were there. They were always hanging over me and asking me if they could play with the camera. I thought maybe it was just the camera, so the next day, I didn’t bring it and they still talked to me and stuff. I also met a bunch of girls while i was helping with vbs and they wrote me notes in spanish while we were working (they weren’t making fun of me). We said “adios” on the last day and i didn’t cry then. All of the kids that I hung out with came and gave me hugs and notes and I told them adios. It didn’t hit me that i could possibly never see them again until I got home. I didn’t realize how much I loved those kids until I cried myself to sleep that night. It was amazing to think that I came to love those kids so much in such a short amount of time. They were some of the best friends I have ever had, and I couldn’t even understand them. I could do that full time easily.


See. I can be deep.

Weelp. That was Mexico.


*Ha. “Wexico”





time again.

i’ve been in california for two weeks.

so how is everyone?            that’s good.

i saw Tom Cruise and Jay Leno at the Tonight Show.

That was fun.

just letting you guys know i’m still alive.

oh yeah. Many wierd people in california.

but some cool ones.           (7 or 8)

oh yeah. (sorry for the sparatic placement of ideas)

my dad cut the top of thumb off right before we went on vacation. he didn’t even think he needed to go to the doctor, so he waited an hour. he got 4 stiches to kind of flap the top back on. one of the stiches goes through his fingernail. the doctor told him to come back in a week and so the doctor could take the stiches out. so my dad waited a week, and took the stiches out himself. his finger looks nasty. the tip is dead and he doesn’t have any feeling in it.

it’s funny

also, i’m going to a children’s home in mexico next saturday. so wish me luck. and pray.

ok now i’m done i think.