i’m a lumberjack and i’m okay.

i need to make a good movie. got any ideas?

i played poker today with my friends and lost all of my chips only to be handed a couple more by my friend next to me. turns out i came back and beat everyone; saving my “special” friend for last. don’t worry, he beat me in Sorry right after.

this weather is poopy.

stupid Lubbock.

I’ll kill it. i’m not scared.

I sleep all night and i work all day.

cut my trees, eat my lunch, and move to another tree.

so yeah. movie ideas. Got any?

Scottish Tea.


35 thoughts on “

  1. Well the weather here is great an rainy but… I think you should write a book about scones….yeah and Scottish tea perhaps… well anyways have fun making a movie btw eat a scone!

  2. Well the weather here is great an rainy but… I think you should write a book about scones….yeah and Scottish tea perhaps… well anyways have fun making a movie btw eat a scone!

  3. Logan, I think you should write about a young adventurer scone in a world where no one cares and it rans all the time as a result… it could be a toutching drama about one scone who decides to care about junk and … stuff. You should put some monologues in there about eating vegetables too. Or maybe it could be a musical film with dancing scones and it could have no point… in this case, i think there should be random violence, like you coming in and throwing the scones around , or there should be a gang fight… yea! that’d be cool You might even win an award! just think about it logan! the possibilities are endless!

                               Johnathan ( ohh btw, post on me man… it would make me feel better)lol

  4. They could be Scottish scones, forget the tea.My idea,…. I have nothing good for you Logan. I would say write about a cucumber that lost his hair brush, but that is already taken. So maybe it should definatly have singing in it? Bad singing, good singing, singing in German… what ever you choose. Sorry not many people came to give you ideas… only Ledbetters…. that is strange. Make us proud Logan (and don’t use any of our stinky ideas.)

  5. or not πŸ˜€ you could also put in the fact that the scone is black (how lindsay’s gonna pull that one off I don’t know) so we can have some anti-raceism song thrown it there somewhere….ohh yeah the villan should so totally have a blow torch….or on second thought BE a blow torch!!! Yeah that would be like so totally awesome!!

  6. You make me sad! It is Twisted Sister Morwyn! I am surprised at your lack of musical knowledge. 😦
    I know dad taught us better than that! Go hide your shamey face! and cry or something! lol

  7. oops! I came on here and my last post was missing! and so where like the three after them… I think my computer has a bipolar disorder and needs serious counseling… A movie idea? Hey, It could happen!

  8. It is awesome Logan, you have 2 over 30 comments on here! Hope there is something inspirational for your film somewhere in here. You are like, the most popular guy I know! Ha!! I am so glad you are going to be in my AIM calass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. didn’t have the greatest time of my life tonight at the park but it was cool. sorry that we are pathetic and can’t think of better things maybe next time we will. thanks for coming hope you at least had a lil bit of fun. luv ya

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