good news guys

i’m officially cool.

is there a stamp for that?




that would be cool.

Future Inventions: “The Cave”- a sleeping bag that is always the same temperature; heated/cooled cupholders for cars; and an “official cool stamp”

i’ll make thousands of dollars.

that would be cool.

i’ve sort of turned this xanga into a stream-of-thought style of thing.

but that’s ok because it’s mine and i’ll cry if i want to.

’tis- that’s a good closing for anything now. thanks to Frank McCourt.



10 thoughts on “

  1. lol that is a good ending. does that mean you read the book or just the last chapter. lol. i thought xanga was supposed to be just  a place where you could put your thoughts duh! and if you want to cry go ahead. neways ttyl

  2. thanks logan i feel better now. who did you sit behind in taks? you are very manly so if you want you can stop saying that lol. that advice was great “get over it” now i feel like driving over a cliff.

  3. whats goin on there Logan?  this is caleb from bozeman montana.  we met at camp adventure…perhaps you remember me?  i just saw you made a comment on the xanga for aimers of 05 deal.  anyways, figured id just drop you a line.  if ya get bored go ahead and e-mail me somethin. is my e-mail address.  you’re goin into AIM in 05 right?  how are all your preps goin?  im gonna be honest here, i am procrastinating alot like i normally do.  i bet that my references will all label me a procrastinator…and if they dont, they should.  well, i gots to go now, so keep up the xanga and keep on keeping on in your walk.  oh yeah, id appreciate prayers cause right now my family aint doin so good, and i could really use the support.
    Caleb Herrington

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