what is the deal with homework?

all homework should be optional. i mean, come on. practically all of the homework that i have is just busy work. this year i realized that homework doesn’t really matter.

so i stopped doing it. i do just enough homework to pass my classes (which is also pointless because standardized tests are all that matter anyway) and then i don’t do the rest of my assignments. i have 5 missing grades in chemistry, and i’m still passing.

i also don’t read books- not doing so hot in english.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Umm,… that doesn’t seem really good. What do your parents think of this stratgey? Are you confessing? Or just telling? You are really robbing yourself (I think… but who am I?) I guess I have a wacked up view of school because of 2 things… I love my school! and I am homeschooled. You’re crazy Logan… at first I thought it was just me… but I have now come to the conclusion that… You Are Crazy (and I mean this in the BEST possible way)

  2. I agree with Amber, what kind of strategy is that?!?? the only thing i cant understand is how you still have a better grade than me in english, and i even read the books! you are just too smart for you own good. there, i admit it, you are smart. now go read!
    love ya dork, keely

  3. logan u need to start doing ur chemistry work! for reallllls! haha jk..i have like a bazillion missing grades….school is for fools. haha rock on

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