good news guys

i’m officially cool.

is there a stamp for that?




that would be cool.

Future Inventions: “The Cave”- a sleeping bag that is always the same temperature; heated/cooled cupholders for cars; and an “official cool stamp”

i’ll make thousands of dollars.

that would be cool.

i’ve sort of turned this xanga into a stream-of-thought style of thing.

but that’s ok because it’s mine and i’ll cry if i want to.

’tis- that’s a good closing for anything now. thanks to Frank McCourt.



i don’t necesarilly like TAKS.

what is the opposite of a certain word? hold on, i’ll figure it out.

the opposite of TAKS would be GZPH- i know. i’m probly a genius. geneus. genus? no- genius.

i had to scan 250 pictures yesterday. it took me 4 hours

i was angry

i gave my dog a bath today. that was fun. goodtiems. yeah i’m not gonna fix that. my dog is funny. her jokes aren’t that good, but the way she looks and acts generally makes me smile. maybe that’s just her cuteness (well that’s not too manly,and i’m pretty sure it’s not a real word). wow, i just used cuteness and pretty in the same sentence.

well i better go. need to eat meat. play football. shave. you know, manly things.


i was going through camp adventure pictures, and i saw this one. this one is probably my favorite. it’s cooler when it’s not compressed

but then i came across this humble beast of a man.




alright alright. maybe i am crazy. oh well. i really am going to do my homework more this six weeks so i can bring my sem averages up. i’ll be fine. (a little craziness is alright)

besides, i’m going to aim, then film school- no need for chemistry.

thank you for caring- i’m touched

i used to be in homeschool and i loved it. it made me care about school in 5th and 6th grades. i got to junior high and stopped trying to get straight a’s and then i got to high school and stopped doing petty homework. (i do the big stuff)