well this is my “xanga”

probably won’t post too much stuff

oh well

if you want pictures/video of camp adventure, leave a comment i have most of them



4 thoughts on “

  1. LOGAN!!! I miss you!!!!! How are you??? I hope great! send me some pics, too. Hopefully I’m gonna come spend the wknd w/ yall in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait. I’m sooo excited about being around all of yall. Well, I guess I’ll let you go. If you write me back on my site, then I know you actually read these  things and I’ll write to you about way more things, but if you’re not going to read these, then I’m not going to type then. You’re the best, Logan. adios. God Bless.
    Loveya Alissa

  2. hey man I miss you and I hope you are checking out the site
    but you have to send me a copy of the video of CA it was frigging AWESOME
    4644 bunny run dr
    wichita falls, tx 76310
    see you in AUGUST

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